Company Profile

eServGlobal has been a source of innovative solutions for mobile and financial service providers for more than 30 years. eServGlobal invests heavily in product development, using carrier-grade, next-generation technology and aligning with the requirements of more than 65 customers in over 50 countries.

Our mobile money solutions put feature-rich mobile financial services at the fingertips of users worldwide, covering the full spectrum of mobile wallet, mobile commerce, recharge and agent management features.

Together with MasterCard and BICS, eServGlobal is a joint venture partner of the HomeSend global payment hub, a market leading solution based on eServGlobal technology and enabling cross-border money transfer between mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank accounts or cash outlets from anywhere in the world regardless of the users location.

eServGlobal also offers a comprehensive suite of sophisticated, revenue generating Value-Added Services to engage subscribers in a dynamic manner. These services can be seamlessly integrated with our mobile money portfolio to extend loyalty and promotion offers.

eServGlobal is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ESV) and the London Stock Exchange AIM (ESG).