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Paris, 12 February 2010

eServGlobal Limited announced that its solutions successfully handled record numbers of transactions during the New Years Eve critical hours.

eServGlobal Limited (LSE: ESG & ASX: ESV), a provider of smarter transaction management solutions in Charging, Payment and Retention services, today reported record transactions during the 2010 new-year critical hours.

eServGlobal achieved its startling performance across all 66 customer sites, successfully handling 136.5 million calls for 24 operators, over 164.7 million SMS for 19 operators and almost 7 million voucher recharge transactions for 19 operators between 10pm and 2am on New Year’s Eve. Operator satisfaction was paramount, with over 90% of sites experiencing zero incidences. Traffic at a single operator reached 14,000 SMS and 8000 voice call attempts per second. The success was attributed to eServGlobal’s preparation that started in November, and its flexible network structure, specifically designed to comfortably handle up to 120% of average busy-hour transactions.

eServGlobal’s success was evidenced across its product portfolio. With Paymobile, eServGlobal’s recharge and mobile payment solution, electronic and voucher recharge transactions reached more than one million per hour across Pakistan.

ChargingMax, eServGlobal’s flexible, carrier grade charging system, reached over 26,000 charging transactions per second in Indonesia.

In addition, M@ilis, eServGlobal’s flexible messaging solution, achieved over 3.6 million transactions for nine customers in the abovementioned four critical hours. M@ilis includes value-added services such as SMS Call Notify, Voice Mail, Unified Mail and Video Mail, allowing end-users access to innovative premium services, enhancing the overall customer experience.

eServGlobal understands the urgency of resolving technical issues and prides itself on its quick service response time. To optimize its on-going customer service, eServGlobal’s Support teams are located in ten countries, allowing around the clock availability.

“I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent support provided by eSG during [the] Christmas / New Year period. Even [though] the traffic was 25% higher than ever all the calls and SMS’s were accepted and correctly served. The local support team did excellent work auditing and configuring the platform before Christmas. A very intelligent balancing of the traffic on all UAS’ was the key for the success.” Tomasz Parzuchowski, Service Platforms Operations Manager, Centertel.

Richard Mathews, CEO, eServGlobal, commented “At a time of increased potential ARPU and end-user service expectations, it was vital that our systems allowed operators to deal with the extra demand and maximize their revenue. We are proud to have contributed to our clients’ New Year’s Eve success.”

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