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Paris, June 10 2010

eServGlobal Limited (LSE: ESG & ASX: ESV) has announced that its FlexiContent Services will be available through over a dozen operators during the 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa.

Commencing June 11, the world cup is expected to attract the attention of over 1 billion mobile subscribers, many wanting the all important ‘live scores’ on their mobile phone. FlexiContent allows operators to quickly capitalize on subscriber needs during popular events by providing the much sought- after information and entertainment tools.

Launched earlier this year at the Cup of African Nations with 12 regional Orange Group affiliates, eServGlobal’s FlexiContent allows operators to generate new revenue during major events. It is a carrier- grade service that uses a rapid application development environment allowing operators to offer innovative content and two way message-based services without any set-up costs. Operators can use sporting competitions, TV shows and other current events to encourage subscriber usage of premium SMS services.

FlexiContent includes Games & Information Services, allowing subscribers to use Premium SMS to access match progress reports and results in REALTIME. FlexiContent also includes a variety of games, such as Instant Win, Predict & Win and Credit Goal, where subscribers play for airtime or financial rewards. Revenue is created through customers’ Premium SMS transactions.

FlexiContent also includes the Closed User Group Chat tool, where subscribers can SMS chat with selected friends about the competition and upcoming games. Once someone is added to the group they can invite other subscribers, encouraging increased ARPU (average revenue per user) through friendly competition.
Due to the platform’s capability during previous events (revenue creation, network entertainment and customer stimulation), twelve service providers have selected to offer FlexiContent services during this year’s world cup.

Craig Halliday, COO, eServGlobal, said “We are extremely pleased with FlexiContent’s early popularity and look forward to delivering our new MMS service, where subscribers can ask to see the winning goal after the game, immediately after the first match on June 11.”

Image: FreeImages.com/Gareth Weeks

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