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Paris, 13 August 2010

eServGlobal Limited today reported increased revenue for its FlexiContent customers.

eServGlobal Limited (LSE: ESG & ASX: ESV), a global telecoms software vendor specializing in Mobile Money and Value-Added Services (VAS), today reported increased revenue for its FlexiContent customers.

FlexiContent, available through over a dozen operators during the 2010 soccer world cup in South Africa, allows operators to quickly capitalize on subscriber needs during popular events by providing the much sought-after information and entertainment tools.

Including Games & Information Services, FlexiContent allowed subscribers to use Premium SMS to access world cup match progress reports and results in REALTIME. FlexiContent also includes a variety of games, such as instant lottery and betting services, where subscribers play for airtime rewards or gifts.

Revenue is created through customers’ Premium SMS transactions. More than 250,000 subscribers registered for FlexiContent services during the ‘world cup’ month alone, creating an additional revenue source for operators, leading to higher ARPU for all of eServGlobal’s clients using FlexiContent. One operator in particular, registered exceptional subscriber interest, with more than 10% of its total customer base signing-up for FlexiContent services.

“After launching FlexiContent only four months before the world cup, we are extremely proud of its immediate success”, said COO of eServGlobal, Craig Halliday. “We are confident that its revenue-share model, quick time-to-market and immediate returns will continue to impress operators looking for a way to create higher ARPU while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.”

Image: FreeImages.com/Robert Proska

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