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Paris, 15 February 2011

eServGlobal has announced that Middle East operator Syriatel has agreed to extend the utilisation of the innovative PayMobile solution to offer Mobile Money services to its subscriber base, on trial pending authorities approvals in Syria.

Syriatel, the largest operator in Syria with over 6.4 million subscribers, has been successfully using eServGlobal solutions for several years to assist in leading and innovating in their local market.

As well as offering a complete recharge solution, PayMobile will enable the operator to expand its services to the world of Mobile Money. Syriatel is contemplating taking advantage of the solution to provide its subscribers with access to domestic money transfer, bill payment and salary disbursement.

PayMobile is eServGlobal’s unified mobile money and recharge solution, deployed in more than 30 countries, used every day by more than 250 million prepaid subscribers worldwide.

Syriatel first adopted eServGlobal’s technology in 2005 to manage their recharge needs, initially with voucher recharge and then introducing electronic recharge in 2008, a move which generated significant savings in terms of distribution costs. Just six months after the launch, electronic recharge accounted for 73% of all Syriatel’s recharges (increasing from 1% pre-installation). The following year, electronic recharge topped 97%, the highest rate in the world.

Already in 2010, this aggressive and dynamic operator has extended their offering by utilising PayMobile to offer electronic post paid bill payment, allowing subscribers to enjoy quick and convenient bill settlement. With the introduction of the complete PayMobile suite, Syriatel aims to ensure their continued leadership by offering their subscribers access to the latest in mobile payment technologies.

PayMobile also natively interfaces with the HomeSend® international remittance hub, providing operators with a complete national and international mobile remittance offering.

“In recent years we have built on eServGlobal’s technologies to offer solutions which have enriched our service offering and significantly lowered our OPEX,” commented Ammar Khateeb, Sales Director, Syriatel, “The agility, responsiveness and professionalism of eServGlobal made them the natural choice when we wanted to extend our services in this area.”

“PayMobile has been developed with a focus on our operators’ evolving needs and an in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications landscape,” said Katia Hilal, VP Marketing & Alliances, eServGlobal, “We are proud to offer a comprehensive solution which helps operators drive new revenue, retain their customers and decrease their distribution costs.”

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