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eServGlobal will supply its PayMobile solution to Nokia Siemens Network for installation in Afghanistan, as part of a network expansion project to improve its capacity, coverage and agility across the country.

18 April 2011

Mobile coverage in Afghanistan is now approaching 60%, an impressive figure considering that just eight years ago there was no mobile coverage in the country. As growth continues, operators will increasingly rely on additional services to differentiate themselves. PayMobile offers a feature rich suite of services which operators can capitalise on to service an expanding market.

Through PayMobile the Operator will be able to provide top-up services for both voucher and electronic recharge to its customers. As part of the solution, eServGlobal and Nokia Siemens Networks can work with the Operator to build and manage their sales and distribution networks, which are critical in the deployment of any recharge network, particularly in emerging markets. By allowing multiple tiers of management the operator is able to work through a hierarchy of agents in order to reach the street selling market. PayMobile currently manages hundreds of thousands of agents at one single customer site.

The continued expansion of mobile coverage in Afghanistan will also see operators needing to service more remote locations with limited infrastructure. Both Nokia Siemens Networks and eServGlobal are committed to addressing these specific challenges and working with the Operator to find solutions that fit the local needs.

“We have a long and successful history of working with Nokia Siemens Networks and are proud to be part of this project,” commented Craig Halliday, CEO, eServGlobal. “PayMobile services are already in use worldwide and we are confident that they will be an asset to this Operator.”

Built on eservGlobal’s extensive experience, the PayMobile solution encompasses several modules allowing operators to grow and enrich their offering as the market matures. PayMobile can be adapted to address operators’ mobile payment needs, from any kind of channel, using any type of funds, including traditional and electronic vouchers, electronic funds, cash, bank accounts or credit cards.

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