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Paris, 7 November 2011

eServGlobal announces an agreement for the HomeSend remittance service with mHITS, a mobile payment service provider operating in Australia.

The mobile payment service operated by mHITS allows users to send and receive payments via SMS message. Australia is a key sending market for international remittance in the Asia-Pacific region with approx US$3.8Bn in outgoing remittance each year. Australia’s key remittance sending corridors correlate with several existing HomeSend receiving countries such as China, Vietnam and the Philippines. The corridor is expected to go live in coming weeks.

HomeSend continues to set the standard for international interoperability in mobile money transfer by creating a seamless connection between a variety of mobile money systems and financial institutions around the world. The HomeSend mobile remittance hub service is based on eServGlobal’s innovative technology and operated by BICS, who is a leading provider of international hubbing and connectivity services for more than 250 mobile operators worldwide. HomeSend, which benefits from a first mover advantage, is the only mobile-centric international remittance hub endorsed by the GSMA, with remittance corridors operating between countries including the UK, Qatar, the Philippines, Pakistan, Belgium, Ghana and Morocco.

07.11.2011 – HomeSend connects to mHITs (PDF)

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