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Paris, 16 November 2011

eServGlobal announces an agreement for the HomeSend remittance service with Tranglo, a mobile financial transaction hub based in Asia.

Tranglo have an established international airtime transfer business, particularly in Asia. Their remittance offer focuses on providing services to the international migrant community and the synergy between HomeSend and Tranglo will enable the widest coverage and the most cost effective transactions. This agreement will enable HomeSend to access multiple countries in Asia both on the sending and the receiving side. The first corridors between HomeSend and Tranglo are expected to go live in 2012.

“Hub to hub peering is key to the success of Mobile Money. HomeSend’s connection to Tranglo represents an important step on the journey towards building an open and interoperable ecosystem,” commented Katia Hilal, Vice President Marketing & Alliances, eServGlobal, “Mobile Money deployments around the globe are gaining momentum, while simultaneously the World Bank is predicting continued growth in international remittance. We believe that HomeSend will play a pivotal role in the advancement of the Mobile Money world.”

HomeSend continues to set the standard for international interoperability in mobile money transfer by creating a seamless connection between a variety of mobile money systems and financial institutions around the world. The HomeSend mobile remittance hub service is based on eServGlobal’s innovative technology and operated by BICS, who is a leading provider of international hubbing and connectivity services for more than 250 mobile operators worldwide. HomeSend, which benefits from a first mover advantage, is the only mobile-centric international remittance hub endorsed by the GSMA, with remittance corridors operating between countries including the UK, Qatar, the Philippines, Pakistan, Belgium, Ghana and Morocco.

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