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Paris: 22 November 2011

eServGlobal announces that its Pay-For-Me service, also known in the market as Collect Call service, was launched by Egyptian mobile network operator, Mobinil.

Pay-For-Me is a reverse charges based service which eServGlobal customised to suit the specific needs of the Egyptian, predominantly prepaid market. The solution is user intuitive encouraging a quick endorsement by the customer base. Each subscriber can decide who to include or exclude from the service by assigning members to white or black lists. Callers access Pay-For-Me by simply adding a prefix to the phone number they wish to dial.

Mobinil is the leading mobile service provider in Egypt with over 30 million subscribers, of which more than 95% are prepaid users. In a market where inactive users can quickly become churners, this service provides operators with a way to incentivize their subscribers to maintain their ‘active’ status. Reducing subscriber churn and stimulating customer usage are especially important when operating in highly competitive landscapes such as Egypt.

“eServGlobal and Mobinil have an extensive history of collaboration in the substantial Egyptian market. Pay-For-Me is just one solution in a suite of Value-Added Services that we supply to Mobinil,” said Craig Halliday, CEO, eServGlobal.

“At Mobinil, we pride ourselves on offering services which are not only of the highest quality but which also contribute to building community,” said the Management Team at Mobinil, “We are impressed with the customised solutions offered to us and we look forward to continuing to build new innovative solutions with eServGlobal.”

eServGlobal has been supplying Value-Added Services to Mobinil for more than a decade and will continue to work with this innovative operator to roll out solutions which meet the needs of Mobinil and its subscribers.

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