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Paris, 25 January 2012

eServGlobal announces that its PayMobile solution was this week launched by financial service provider, mCoin Asia to facilitate money transfer in Indonesia.

eServGlobal worked closely with the team at mCoin to develop a solution which met the requirements and specificities of the local market. The solution for mCoin was developed and implemented in a short time frame of less than 6 months and is now live and commercially available to customers.

Indonesia is an emerging market where migrant workers are moving from rural areas in search of better income in the cities. Mobile money can play a particularly important role in such economies, facilitating a cost effective, safe and consumer friendly service for users to transfer funds from the city to their loved ones in rural areas.

PayMobile is eServGlobal’s unified mobile money and recharge solution, deployed in more than 30 countries, used every day by more than 250 million prepaid subscribers worldwide.

“For this specific project we needed a company that could develop and deploy a customized solution in a very tight timeframe,” said Hendro Santoso, CEO, mCoin, “eServGlobal approached this project as a partnership and supported us through every step. We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to further success together.”

“We have a proven track record in delivering mobile money solutions,” said Craig Halliday, CEO, eServGlobal, “We built on these foundations to develop an offering which met mCoin’s needs, resulting in a live mobile money service less than six months from contract signature.”

As mCoin look to expand their services in Indonesia and other markets, eServGlobal will provide ongoing support to roll out further innovations, meeting the needs of mCoin and their subscribers.

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Image: FreeImages.com/Pria Purnama

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