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Paris, 9 February 2012
eServGlobal announces that it has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification for the development, support and maintenance of telecom software.

This certification is applicable to the Quality Management Systems used across all eServGlobal Engineering operations and is confirmation of the Company’s commitment to striving for best practice in software development.

“This certification reassures our customers of our commitment to delivering quality and striving for the highest standard in our practices,” said Paul Beesley, CTO, eServGlobal. “While a significant milestone, this achievement is just part of our ongoing journey to provide market leading solutions as we deliver our expanded Mobile Money offerings.”

The certification will also apply to the processes which eServGlobal uses to support its software which is currently used by more than 75 operators and financial service providers worldwide.

ISO 9001 is an internationally accepted certification system focussed on ensuring effective and efficient quality management systems. The need for international recognised standards is important for global organisations such as eServGlobal, which operate across many countries. The ISO 9001 certification is highly regarded by the global telecom industry and will reinforce eServGlobal’s standing in the marketplace.

20120209_eServGlobal achieves ISO9001 (PDF)

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