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Paris, 27 November 2012

eServGlobal announces the integration of the HomeSend remittance service with the central platform of Moneytrans, a leading worldwide money transfer operator based in Belgium.

A live remittance corridor is now in operation between Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the Philippines, enabling customers of Moneytrans to send funds to GCash, Globe Philippines’ mobile wallet.
Moneytrans has a presence in over 90 countries and 130,000 payment points. HomeSend and Moneytrans will continue to grow together to make remittances mobile across other country corridors.
Craig Halliday, eServGlobal CEO commented, “HomeSend is connected to every type of institution within the ‘mobile money’ value chain, from banks to mobile operators to money transfer organisations to PSP’s (Payment Service Providers) making it a truly global, interoperable hub.”
“The integration with Moneytrans will benefit all members of the HomeSend hub. Money transfer organisations bring their expertise in quickly and smoothly transferring funds, allowing receivers to get their money sooner. In turn, HomeSend offers them extensive access to receiving markets without the need to invest in capex or opex associated with building new agent networks.”
The first receiving country for HomeSend and Moneytrans is the Philippines, an important receiving country for the international remittance market driven by the significant Filipino diaspora. The World Bank estimates that the Philippines received US$23 billion in international remittances in 2011, maintaining its position as the fourth-largest remittance receiving country in the world.
HomeSend is a service offered by BICS, its strategic business partner, based on eServGlobal technology. Benefiting from a first mover advantage, HomeSend is the only mobile-centric international remittance hub endorsed by the GSMA.

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