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Paris, 6 February 2013

eServGlobal announces a new contract with Australian network provider, AAPT Limited for provision of an Interactive Voice/Video Response (IVR) solution to interface with its Intelligent Network (IN) platform for prepaid subscribers.

eServGlobal will supply the IVR solution via its Value-Added Services (VAS) Platform. The IVR solution is a standardised, scalable and cost-effective interactive voice/video response solution. This functionality is an important part of network infrastructure and a comprehensive service offering. In highly-competitive markets, interactive voice/video capability helps service providers maintain user attraction by ensuring smooth service presentation.
eServGlobal’s IVR solution has been supporting operators around the globe for more than two decades. With a solid installed base of more than 90 VAS customers worldwide, encompassing more than 250 voice platforms, eServGlobal delivers IVR servers to best-in-class IN solution providers.

eServGlobal is committed to providing the essential infrastructure that operators rely on to meet the varied needs of their users. IVR solutions have a wide and diverse range of uses and can be integrated into a mobile money platform. This is an attractive option in emerging markets where the IVR functionality can address accessibility issues of illiterate and unbanked customers.

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