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Paris, 26 February 2013

eServGlobal announced a partnership with AIRTAG, a leading provider of mobile shopping eco-system innovations and secure applications, to supply an NFC mobile transit app for a leading mobile network operator in the Middle East.

eServGlobal and AIRTAG will work together on provisioning a mobile application for contactless ticketing for a public transport system so that travellers carrying an NFC enabled phone can use their phone as a transportation pass, access transit account balances in ‘real-time’ and view their recharge history.

The first phase of this project will focus on provisioning the NFC transport app with an architectural framework for an easy upgrade to a full mobile wallet solution that enables the recharge of a transit pass via a mobile money account, loyalty schemes and couponing. A full mobile wallet would also enable the ability to complete in-store NFC payments, person-to-person money transfers and bill payments.

The broad potential of mobile NFC has been well recognized by key industry players who have already launched pilot programs around the world, with the first commercial operations now live. There are 22+ NFC enabled major smartphones to date, proving how quickly the NFC ecosystem and supporting infrastructure will continue to expand. Juniper Research predicts that NFC retail transactions values are expected to reach US$110bn in 2017.

“We are delighted to take part in this partnership which is yet another example of the traction we are seeing globally in the NFC and mobile payment market,” Jeremie Leroyer, CEO, AIRTAG. “AIRTAG has consistently aimed at bringing a truly relevant and valuable NFC and mobile commerce experience to end users and our partnership with eServGlobal is aligned well to meet both current and future mobile eco-system needs.”

“As the payment and mobile ecosystems evolve, an opportunity exists for mobile operators to bring benefits not just in terms of accessibility but in building convergence around the entire ecosystem, including ticketing, loyalty programs, voucher redemption or targeted promotions based on customer data, usage and geolocation,” said Katia Hilal, Vice President Marketing & Alliances, eServGlobal, “eServGlobal will play a leading role in developing these solutions, and is proud to work with industry innovators like AIRTAG.”

AIRTAG has established their reputation as a leader in the mobile shopping and NFC eco-system with 50+ partnerships including more than 1500 live in-store deployments reaching more than three million individual uses across Europe, the UK, the US and the Middle East. The leader in mobile shopping ecosystem innovations, NFC and in-store solutions that continue to improve the consumer buying experience, AIRTAG solutions have been implemented by global brands including; MasterCard, McDonald’s, McCafé and Carrefour City.

eServGlobal is currently supplying mobile money services to operators and service providers worldwide as well as supporting a substantial installed base of recharge customers. The PayMobile platform is currently deployed in more than 25 customers and used every day by more than 250 million prepaid subscribers worldwide.

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