Paris, 1 May 2013
eServGlobal announces a new agreement for the HomeSend remittance service between its strategic business partner BICS and PostFinance, a division of the Swiss Post and one of the largest retail financial institutions in Switzerland.

The service, which was launched today, makes it possible for PostFinance customers to remit funds securely, instantly and conveniently via e-banking to mobile money subscribers in five countries, with an extension to 23 countries planned in coming months.

The HomeSend mobile remittance hub service is offered by BICS and based on eServGlobal technology. BICS is a leading global provider of Voice, Messaging, Roaming, Connectivity and Mobile Financial Services. HomeSend benefits from a first mover advantage with existing remittance corridors operating between countries including the UK, Belgium, Qatar, Kenya, the Philippines, Ghana, Nepal and Morocco.

The BICS and PostFinance release is available at:


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