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Free trial access of advanced customer adoption module for a limited time

eServGlobal announced, at the Mobile Money Asia conference in Jakarta, the launch of its Advanced Customer Adoption (ACA) module for mobile money and recharge services.

As mobile money services continue to spread in emerging markets around the world, service providers require the right tools to address the challenges of encrouaging subscription and increasing usage. The ACA module will form part of eServGlobal’s comprehensive mobile money solution, supporting deployments worldwide.

James Hume, CTO, eServGlobal, said, “As one of the most experienced mobile money technology providers in the industry, we draw on our on-the-ground expertise to continually enhance our solutions with innovative features which adapt to real-world requirements.

“The Advanced Customer Adoption Module is a vital tool to address inactivity and support a healthy, growing, active mobile financial ecosystem in an emerging market. The self-service approach puts powerful promotions and segmentation tools at the fingertips of service providers to allow rapid response and a tailored outcome for each market.”

Customer inactivity can plague mobile money deployment, posing threats to the viability of the service. A survey by Industry body CGAP found that “64% of mobile money managers indicated that less than 30% of their registered users are active, and active rates of less than 10% are not uncommon.”

An emerging trend from service providers is to harness the potential of user stimulation, promotions and segmentation to ensure the ongoing usage of mobile money services. Telecommunication operators in particular are able to capitalise on the extensive user data that exists within their network. Through analysis of this data, using a tool such as the ACA module, it is possible to build segmented lists of users for tailored campaigns.

The self-service ACA module enables service providers to deliver targeted, customised and timely promotions, and rewards, each with a quick turnaround time to market. With a step-by-step approach to launching a promotional campaign, service providers can simply import or configure eligible customer lists, which will help drive the right strategy to achieve the most effective results.

The ACA module can dramatically improve not only mobile money adoption, but increase rates of continued activity, and promote a loyal customer base which will assist with future marketing strategies. The module natively interfaces with PayMobile, eServGlobal’s end-to-end solution for mobile money and mobile financial services, offering the full spectrum of mobile wallet, mobile commerce, recharge and agent management features.

To support the launch of this tool, eServGlobal is offering interested service providers a trial access to the demo platform. To register for trial access go to: https://www.eservglobal.com/wp.2/solutions/promotions/

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