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eServGlobal’s recently launched business intelligence module, Apeiron, allows service providers to manage, analyse and use rapidly growing volumes of data, by applying advanced data analytics and machine learning to drive customer engagement, increase revenue and reduce risk.

The solution takes a pragmatic approach to analytics, allowing service providers to capitalise on the data, which exists both within and surrounding the network to ensure rapid service adoption and increased transactional throughput.

The Apeiron module applies data mining capabilities to existing data, which can be used to build customer segmentation lists to launch timely and compelling offers. The analytics provided by Apeiron allow service providers to evaluate service awareness, understanding and usage.

The volume of data available to service providers today, both within their system and in the surrounding networks (social networks, etc) provides an enormous resource for better understanding the customer base and delivering a customer experience which promotes faster adoption of new services and a higher number of transactions.

The service provider is surrounded by data – both structured and unstructured – on a daily basis. However, it is not the volume of data that is important; it is the way it is exploited. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics, capabilities and skills.

Apeiron Business Intelligence module is available now and supporting service providers to:

  •  better understand their business to take smart decisions.
  • detect potential fraud and abnormalities in their network, thereby supporting compliance to regulatory standards.
  • capitalise on credit scoring abilities in order to launch new financial services such as micro-loans.
  • access predictive analytics to support liquidity management.
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