As operators move towards new cloud infrastructure, which will lay the foundation for 5G and IoT, it’s crucial for them to work with vendors that are also on the journey to virtualization and cloud-ready solutions.

eServGlobal’s PayMobile platform is cloud-ready, it complies with NFV and Openstack protocols. We have collaborated with industry-leading providers, including VMware, to enable PayMobile to be deployed as a virtual, software-based application. In 2018 we deployed our first PayMobile on a private cloud for a mobile network operator in North Africa.

Cloud infrastructure, with virtualized software, means operators no longer need to maintain various disparate technological solutions across many servers. With virtualisation, the OSS/BSS model has changed.Operators can manage and expand their network capabilities on demand. Virtualized software application can now be integrated into a unified environment enabling an enhanced level of service in a cost-effective manner

Why choose in a virtualized solution?
  • Requires less servers to support all applications
  • A more unified environment means more cost-effective maintenance
  • Reduce footprint & reduced power consumption
  • Unified environment reduces the number of specific skills required by the operation team
High availability and scalability
  • A virtualized platform allows the operator flexibility to increase/decrease the number of applications required based on traffic
  • Application upgrade more secure and with less downtime
  • Virtualisation performance is now able to support low latency, opening the door to mission critical implementations
  • Virtualization will form the foundations of IoT & 5G
  • Easier connection with the other players of the environment
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