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Date$TitleFile size
30.12.2011Preliminary Final Report58 KB
07.12.2011Appointment of Joint Broker60 KB
25.11.2011Directorate Change42 KB
24.11.2011eServGlobal AGM Statement55 KB
24.11.2011Results of AGM 24 Nov 201173 KB
22.11.2011Mobinil launches Pay-For-Me77 KB
21.11.2011Escrow resolution79 KB
16.11.2011HomeSend connects to Tranglo101 KB
10.11.2011Options Update November 201167 KB
07.11.2011HomeSend - new remmittance corridor with mHITs141 KB
24.10.2011Resignation of A Eisen41 KB
18.10.2011HomeSend - Strategic Agreement with the Qtel Group92 KB
28.09.2011FY2011 Final Consolidated Results116 KB
30.08.2011FY 2011 Results - Trading update117 KB
30.08.2011FY 2011 Appendix 4E - Preliminary Final Report61 KB
08.08.2011Results of EGM and Shareholder Distribution80 KB
03.08.2011Options Update August38 KB
01.08.2011Announcement on Escrow94 KB
29.07.2011HomeSend & Smart Communications111 KB
15.07.2011HomeSend - new remittance corridor to Nepal114 KB
07.07.2011Class Ruling received from Australian Taxation Office248 KB
06.07.2011Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum136 KB
24.06.2011HomeSend - New commercial agreement to enable mobile remittances towards China102 KB
14.06.2011Expiry of Employee Share Options40 KB
10.06.2011Distribution to shareholders66 KB
24.05.2011HomeSend connects to a Major Operator Group75 KB
06.05.2011Company Secretarial Appointment & Appendices 3Y199 KB
18.04.2011Paymobile - Nokia Siemens Networks109 KB
04.04.2011CEO Remuneration - Listing Rule 3.1 Disclosure109 KB
25.03.2011New Advisor - Cenkos101 KB
24.03.2011Issue of Options83 KB
15.03.2011VNPT EPAY connects to HomeSend110 KB
28.02.2011First Half Results Announcement182 KB
15.02.2011Mobile Money Solution - Syriatel111 KB
11.02.2011Homesend MTN Ghana Agreement168 KB
28.01.2011PromoMax & Social Links - Partnership98 KB
20.01.2011Cancellation of Options80 KB
18.01.2011Appointment of Director (Craig Halliday)85 KB
14.01.2011PromoMax107 KB
Date$TitleFile size
31.12.2010Updated Securities Dealing Policy138 KB
28.10.2010Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer77 KB
26.10.2010eServGlobal Limited Notice of 2010 Annual General Meeting83 KB
25.10.2010Capital Management Review - Capital ReturnFile not found!
25.10.2010Results of AGM92 KB
13.10.2010eServGlobal Announces Record Traffic by Customers127 KB
13.10.2010Cancellation of Options60 KB
30.09.2010Financial Report for year ending 30 June 201068 KB
13.09.2010PCT Launches Homesend74 KB
10.09.2010Appendix 3B89 KB
30.08.2010Preliminary Final Report132 KB
18.08.2010Details of Company Address53 KB
13.08.2010Appendix 3B Cancellation of Options89 KB
13.08.2010FlexiContent Increases Operators' Revenue during World Cup75 KB
12.08.2010Ceasing to be a substantial holder48 KB
04.08.2010Completion of Sale of USP Business to Oracle85 KB
26.07.2010Director Appointment-Resignation84 KB
26.07.2010Final Director's Interest Notice42 KB
26.07.2010Initial Director's Interest Notice48 KB
21.07.2010Change in substantial holding Legal and General347 KB
19.07.2010Change in substantial holding Legal and General (PDF)342 KB
19.07.2010Homesend Launched at Maroc Telecom97 KB
14.07.2010Update on Oracle Transaction and Financial Guidance76 KB
13.07.2010Change in substantial holding Legal and General520 KB
06.07.2010Appendix 3B Cancellation of Options72 KB
01.07.2010Change in substantial holding Legal General2 MB
30.06.2010Shareholders Meeting412 KB
30.06.2010Chairman's Presentation to General Meeting508 KB
30.06.2010Results of General Meeting84 KB
29.06.2010Trading Halt125 KB
15.06.2010FlexiContent To Boost Operator Revenue During World Cup92 KB
09.06.2010Change in substantial holding239 KB
07.06.2010Change of Director's Interest Notice31 KB
07.06.2010Change in substantial holding - Legal General343 KB
07.06.2010Change in substantial holding Gartmore94 KB
04.06.2010Change of Director's Interest92 KB
04.06.2010Change of Director's Interest Notice32 KB
04.06.2010Ceasing to be a substantial holder112 KB
03.06.2010Notice of General Meeting 30 June 201082 KB
03.06.2010Change in substantial holding405 KB
02.06.2010Change in substantial holding89 KB
31.05.2010Change in substantial holding126 KB
28.05.2010Becoming a substantial holder500 KB
28.05.2010Change in substantial holding389 KB
26.05.2010Sale of USP Business to Oracle107 KB
21.05.2010Change in substantial holding103 KB
12.04.2010eServGlobal Awarded NP Discovery Certification by GSMA95 KB
22.02.2010Half Yearly Report and Accounts333 KB
22.02.2010First Half Results Announcement154 KB
18.02.2010Homesend - New Agreement Signed82 KB
15.02.2010Becoming a substantial holder301 KB
15.02.2010Record New Year's Eve Transactions93 KB
15.02.2010eServGlobal and Orange Successfully Launches FlexiContent93 KB
11.02.2010Becoming a substantial holder123 KB
Date$TitleFile size
17.11.2009FY2010 Trading Update89 KB
29.10.2009Final Director's Interest Notice868 KB
21.10.2009Appendix 3B60 KB
20.10.2009Company Secretary Appointment85 KB
02.10.2009Results of MeetingFile not found!
02.10.2009Results of Meeting36 KB
01.10.2009Chairman's Address to Shareholders95 KB
28.09.2009Annual Report to shareholders838 KB
18.09.2009Change of Director's Interest NoticeFile not found!
18.09.2009Change in substantial holding70 KB
03.09.2009Change of Director's Interest Notice32 KB
25.08.2009Preliminary Final Report13 KB
25.08.2009Full Year Statutory Accounts885 KB
25.08.2009FY09 Results Presentation to AnalystsFile not found!
25.08.2009FY09 Results Announcement179 KB
17.08.2009Appendix 3B74 KB
04.08.2009New Contract Win89 KB
24.07.2009Appendix 3Z Final Director's Interest Notice28 KB
24.07.2009Appendix 3Z Final Director's Interest Notice28 KB
24.07.2009Appendix 3Z Final Director's Interest Notice29 KB
23.07.2009Board Changes85 KB
23.07.2009Initial Director's Interest Notice - Appendix 3X35 KB
22.07.2009Cancellation of Share Options56 KB
07.07.2009Change in substantial holding48 KB
30.06.2009CEO Remuneration Announcement87 KB
30.06.2009Appendix 3B74 KB
23.06.2009Change in substantial holding151 KB
22.06.2009Change in substantial holding from GPG27 KB
19.06.2009Ceasing to be a substantial holder82 KB
18.06.2009Appointment of Advisor for London AIM Market87 KB
17.06.2009Becoming a substantial holder69 KB
17.06.2009Notice of Change in Substantial Holding from GPG116 KB
15.06.2009Appendix 3B75 KB
15.06.2009Management Changes and Share Issue92 KB
25.05.2009New Contract Wins95 KB
25.05.2009Update on Full Year Outlook94 KB
18.05.2009Appendix 3B74 KB
08.04.2009Change in substantial holding100 KB
30.03.2009Change in substantial holding119 KB
26.03.2009Change in substantial holding from GPG27 KB
24.03.2009Successful Mobile International Remittance Trial97 KB
20.03.2009Update on Outlook, Process and New Director98 KB
20.03.2009Initial Director's Interest Notice27 KB
20.03.2009Initial Director's Interest Notice27 KB
10.03.2009New Contract Announcement84 KB
23.02.2009Half Yearly Report and Accounts295 KB
23.02.2009First Half Results Announcement105 KB
18.02.2009Correction to Announcement86 KB
17.02.2009GSMA Awards eServGlobal HomeSend100 KB
09.02.2009eServGlobal New Product Launch102 KB
30.01.2009Shareholder Update86 KB
27.01.2009First Half Guidance96 KB
Date$TitleFile size
23.12.2008Appendix 3B151 KB
23.12.2008Change of Director's Interest Notice31 KB
22.12.2008Shareholder Update92 KB
17.11.2008Successful Launch with Nextel Mexico95 KB
05.11.2008Results of Meeting103 KB
05.11.2008Chairman's Address to Shareholders93 KB
27.10.2008New contract - Global Mobile Remittance (PDF)103 KB
21.10.2008Change in substantial holding53 KB
10.10.2008Systems Integration Partner in Pakistan111 KB
07.10.2008New Billing Partnership with Suntec132 KB
03.10.2008Annual Report to shareholders3 MB
03.10.2008Appendix 3B147 KB
25.09.2008Partnership Announcement102 KB
18.09.2008Ceasing to be a substantial holder61 KB
22.08.2008Appendix 3B147 KB
20.08.2008Preliminary Final Report (PDF)14 KB
20.08.2008Full Year Statutory Accounts631 KB
20.08.2008Full Year Results Announcement eServGlobal FY08122 KB
24.07.2008eServGlobal Announces Increased Dividend91 KB
11.07.2008New CFO and Company Secretary89 KB
10.07.2008Bull Partnership Announcement127 KB
02.07.2008Full Year Cash Announcement28 KB
10.06.2008Guidance for Full Year to 30 June 200897 KB
05.06.2008Appendix 3Y J Pratt acquires 500,000 shares55 KB
04.06.2008Appendix 3B156 KB
22.05.2008Major New Contract in Mexico36 KB
16.05.2008MessageMax Partner Program Launched with SOPRANO40 KB
23.04.200813,334 shares issued after options exercised156 KB
23.04.2008Top Up Suite Selected for Nepal Telecom103 KB
16.04.2008Billing contract in Latin America38 KB
11.03.2008Triple deals in New Zealand34 KB
04.03.200822,001 shares issued as options exercised153 KB
19.02.2008Half Yearly Report and Accounts361 KB
18.02.2008Half Yearly Report and Accounts54 KB
11.02.2008Multi-play Pack for ISPs unveiled at Mobile World Congres91 KB
11.02.2008Push Voicemail delivered97 KB
24.01.2008Gartmore Investment announces 11.115pc - Form 60475 KB
22.01.2008First Half Upgrade Announcement30 KB
22.01.2008Aust Ethical Equities Trust announces 5.02pc - Form 603137 KB
21.01.2008Supports Record Messaging Traffic on New Year's Eve96 KB
08.01.200820,000 shares issued with options exercised156 KB
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