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Big Data Analytics Brochure

Our Apeiron module allows service providers to manage, analyse and use rapidly growing volumes of data, by applying advanced data analytics and machine learning to drive customer engagement.

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Interactive Voice Response Brochure

Our IVR solution offers a large set of capabilities including voice announcements and collecting user information through touch tone.

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Voucher & Electronic Recharge Brochure

We offer a fully featured prepaid account recharge solution to centralise recharge needs for both electronic and physical scratch cards.

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Mobile Money & Mobile Financial Services Brochure

As mobile phone markets worldwide reach a new age of maturity, service providers need forward-thinking solutions which exceed their subscribers expectations.

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Big Data and Machine Learning White Paper

Data analytics enable service providers to drive customer engagement and create new revenue opportunities.

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Promotions White Paper

Driving mobile money adoption and usage with advanced promotion tools.

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Mobile Financial Services White Paper

Harnessing the potential of mobile money in emerging markets to build profitable micro finance offerings that promote financial inclusion.

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ATMs and Mobile Money White Paper

In Partnership with Wincor Nixdorf

The integration of ATMs and mobile money services is a step in developing an end-to-end solution which bridges the mobile money service with the traditional financial world.

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Apps for Mobile Money in Emerging Markets White Paper

How will the growing penetration of smartphones in emerging markets affect mobile money deployments?

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Agent Management White Paper

Agents are the representatives of the mobile money service provider, and the face of service to the customers.

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Bulk Payments White Paper

The ubiquity of the mobile handset presents a significant opportunity to facilitate payments in emerging markets. Receive salary, government or aid payments directly to a mobile wallet.

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Interoperability of mobile money services White Paper

Increased competition and the wide spread adoption of mobile money in emerging markets are driving a push to interoperability.

Download the Interoperability of mobile money services White Paper

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