Cross-border payments


Global reach with one single connection

In an increasingly globalised world, technology has broken down many barriers created by geography. The demand for fast, efficient and transparent cross-border payments is higher today than ever before. 

The HomeSend global payments hub connects the world by way of a network which enables paying Financial Institutions (banks, mobile money operators, money transfer organisations and more) to transfer funds to receiving Financial Institutions in a way that is safe, convenient and cost-effective. 

While formal remittance flows to developing countries have reached US$450 billion in 2017, the true size of remittances is believed to be significantly higher, with large flows going through unregulated informal channels.

Source: GSMA MMU SOTIR 2018

HomeSend is a joint venture of Mastercard and eServGlobal. The technology behind HomeSend was initially developed, incubated and commercialised by eServGlobal.

eServGlobal’s flagship PayMobile platform natively interfaces with HomeSend is a market leading solution which enables cross-border transfer between mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank accounts or cash outlets from anywhere in the world, regardless of the users location.

The combination of PayMobile’s features with a HomeSend® service contract provides a solution for domestic interoperability between mobile money deployments, enabling cross-operator transactions to boost the growth of the mobile money business.

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