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EasyConnect for Rapid Service Connection

eServGlobal’s Services Platform, EasyConnect, allows Payment Services Providers (PSPs) to quickly and simply connect their desired product offering to end users, while avoiding costly development and a lengthy engagement process.

The platform is a rapid deployment solution, offering a fast, secure and easy method to complete connection. It can be quickly adopted by any type of PSPs, such as MNOs, MTOs, Digital Wallet Providers, Banks, Regulators, Disbursement Enablers, Micro-finance Institutions, Card Networks and Merchant Aggregators.


In a highly-competitive and quickly evolving market, service providers need to be able to launch new products without delay, EasyConnect is the platform which allows end users to be up-and-running with new products as quickly as possible. 

The platform gives the service provider a predictable, secure timeframe to plan the commercial launch.

HomeSend Certified

Easy Setup

Rapid Deployment

EasyConnect for cross-border payments

The EasyConnect platform facilitates rapid and easy deployment of products, such as the HomeSend international payments hub, connecting any payment service to the open payment ecosystem.

EasyConnect is a HomeSend certified middleware with pre-configured end user interfaces (SMS, USSD, web application, and smart application). It offers easy implementation as the service provider needn’t integrate with EasyConnect, rather EasyConnect connects with the service provider.

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