Voucher Management


Extensive market-proven performance

eServGlobal’s VoMS platform offers a comprehensive, end-to-end voucher management solution which facilitates the complete lifecycle of voucher creation, distribution and management for a vast set of use cases. Flexible, reliable and proven-performance eServGlobal’s VoMS platform is a market-leading, fully-featured voucher management solution built on extensive, proven performance and indepth market understanding. VoMS has been meeting the needs of customers for more than two decades.

Prepaid recharge is an essential part of the service offering for MNOs and MVNOs worldwide.

Use Cases

Prepaid recharge for Operators and MVNOs, Utility Companies (Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet etc), Retailers (gift vouchers, coupons etc), Cash-in via voucher

Fast, secure voucher generation in real time

VoMS uses a flexible and unbreakable world-call 8-22 digits voucher PIN encryption to preserve revenue and decrease exposure to fraud and loss.

Comprehensive customer care

eServGlobal provides full web-based customer care service or a customer care API.

Virtualised & cloud deployments

Offering flexibility, scalability and cost-saving advantages.

Voucher management remains an essential service offering for operators worldwide considering prepaid subscribers continue to dominate the telecommunication market. VoMS is a secure, reliable and flexible platform offering real-time voucher generation. VoMS facilitates a comprehensive set of voucher types and access channels.

Complete lifecycle management

Voucher Creation

Voucher Distribution

Voucher Management

Cloud-ready technology

As operators move towards new cloud infrastructure, which will lay the foundation for 5G and IoT, it’s crucial for them to work with vendors that are also on the journey to virtualization and cloud-ready solutions.

eServGlobal’s PayMobile platform is cloud-ready, it complies with NFV and Openstack protocols. We have collaborated with industry-leading providers, including VMware, to enable PayMobile to be deployed as a virtual, software-based application. 

Cost saving

A more unified environment means more cost-effective maintenance

high availability & scalability

A virtualized platform allows the operator flexibility to increase/decrease the number of applications required base on traffic


Virtualization performance is now able to support low latency, opening the door to mission-critical implementations

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